About Trio Foods South Africa

The reason we think you will want to use Trio Foods  is  because  we  believe in old fashioned  family values, good service, great people, honesty and integrity.

Trio Foods is a family business which was started in 1993. We have  since  then grown  bigger, slowly and  steadily with help and  support from  our  clients. Our goal is to provide the best possible service at competitive prices to our  customer base in Cape Town.

This is achieved by remaining relatively small and thereby keeping overheads to a minimum.

Trio Foods will source products of almost any description within  hours. This limits “out of stock” items.

  Good Old Fashioned  Family Value

Orders can be placed by Email, Fax or Telephone.  Orders received by 10 am are delivered on the same day. Should you choose to place your orders telephonically, we will answer the phone promptly and take your order immediately. No hanging on!

We use the same pricing formula on all our products. Therefore all you need to do is check a few prices to establish a trend. IE: When you  compare the prices of a few common items, this will give you a quick easy picture to see what the overall basket will cost weather it is worth doing a more thorough in depth comparison.

We would welcome the opportunity to prepare a detailed quotation based on your “shopping list”.

Regular orders  have been known to attract better prices.  The more   you buy the better it can be  for  us  both and  we  are prepared  to work with you to help you keep your  operating costs  low.

Give us a try and experience the magic which is Trio Foods! You will find that the quality service & delivery is super friendly and top class, the prices very competitive, and our reliability unquestionable.

To contact your friendly team, please    call  :     021- 5579344